Meet our team

Curious about the faces behind DuFor Resins? Get to know our team!

Arjen van Kempen Managing Director (CEO) More about Arjen
Niels Hoffard Technical Director (CTO) More about Niels
Danny Mom
Danny Mom Operations Director (COO)
Willemiek van de Heetkamp
Willemiek van de Heetkamp Financial Director (CFO)
Jeroen Oude Lenferink Sales Manager More about Jeroen
Saskia Arendsen Customer Representative More about Saskia
Joyce Hagedoorn
Joyce Hagedoorn Customer Representative
Carlina Hutjes
Carlina Hutjes Customer Representative
Marian van Kempen
Marian van Kempen Customer Representative
Aline Blok
Aline Blok Reception
Simone Leer
Simone Leer Administration & HR
Vincent  Rosendaal
Vincent Rosendaal Finance
Evelien  Misset
Evelien Misset HSE & Compliance Manager
Paul Janssen
Paul Janssen Product & Process Developer
Thijmen  Heres
Thijmen Heres Product & Process Developer
Tijs Geerlings
Tijs Geerlings Quality Assurance Officer
Sylvia Rutten
Sylvia Rutten Quality Assurance Officer
Rudi Kemperman
Rudi Kemperman ICT Manager
Rob van Onselen
Rob van Onselen Production Coordinator
Salvatore Lombardo
Salvatore Lombardo Logistics
Vincent Voskamp
Vincent Voskamp Logistics
Nathan Eleuwarin
Nathan Eleuwarin Logistics