Ultrapolymers new distributor for DuFor in the Benelux region

In September, DuFor and Ultrapolymers signed an agreement for the distribution of DuFor’s polyester specialties in the Injection Molding market, starting in the Benelux region.

Custom made high quality products
Ultrapolymers is a leading Polymer distributor offering a wide range of commodity and speciality polymers. Allowing them to offer a diverse product portfolio, providing customers with the best solutions for their projects and applications. DuFor develops, produces and supplies custom made, high quality virgin and recycled Thermoplastic Polyesters for demanding applications. Both companies share the same philosophy to provide high quality products combined with expert technical consultation and to build and maintain long term relationships.

Exchanging our joint technical and commercial know-how
Arjen van Kempen Commercial Director of DuFor explains: “This cooperation will allow us to reach more customers in areas where we aren’t well represented yet. We have brought on board a competent partner who will help us to secure an even better position in this special market segment. We’re not just going to use this cooperation as an additional sales channel, but also as a platform for exchanging our joint technical and commercial know-how. We are combining our experience concerning high quality virgin and recycled materials.”

Solutions for demanding Injection Molding applications
Robert Gerressen, Managing Director of Ultrapolymers BV says: ” Thanks to this cooperation, our customers, especially those in the Benelux, now have access to the innovative DuFor polyester specialties. These innovative products, such as high flow CumaPET L02 100 and L04 100, allow us to offer even more solutions for demanding Injection Molding applications to our customers.”

If you need more information please contact us or visit the website of Ultrapolymers.

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