New Corporate Identity

Over the past years you have been doing business with at least one of our companies. You may know all of us or maybe just one of us.

We used to operate mostly independent with completely different visual identities. However, over the past five years, we have intensified the cooperation between our companies step by step. To make this cooperation more visible to our partners, we have decided to also express this in our visual representations. From now on, you will be able to recognize us by our four brand new logo’s.

The circle logo which is made out of separate links represents our joint forces and will increase recognition between our companies. It’s also symbolic forthe circular economy loop we pursue.


For all of us, customer satisfaction has always been the driving force behind our work. The more intensified cooperation between our companies will allow us to offer a wider range of products. At the same time we can be more flexible and efficient and assure an even higher quality of services and products to our customers.

Each Company keeps its own expertise and field of activities, which is now also clearly expressed in the different logos. For our customers and suppliers, this means that all existing business relations and contact persons will remain unchanged.


As always, our first priority is to serve our customers exactly to their needs. Therefore we have decided to implement our new corporate identity step by step.

In this transition phase, you may encounter both our old and new logo’s in our communication.


Of course we hope you’re just as excited as we are! Any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Cumapol offers different services in polyester upgrading: Regranulation, Compounding, Crystallization and Solid State Polymerization for a wide range
of virgin and recycled polyesters. Cumapol has the positive expert opinion from EFSA, which means that recycled material processed by Cumapol can be reused in most direct food contact applications.

ACES supplies special polyamides produced by EMS Grivory AG in the packaging industry. ACES uses its extensive knowledge about a wide range of applications and processing methods in the packaging industry to support its customers with processing issues and the development of new products.

UPT is able to supply a variety of different polymers to its customers. UPT is able to offer the right combination of quality products with a high level of service. This service can be storage, long term contracts and financing.

DuFor develops and supplies custom made, specialty polyesters, combined with a high level of technical support to its customers around the world. The products supplied by DuFor are used in high-end technical and packaging applications. DuFor is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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