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Joyce Hagedoorn

Joyce Hagedoorn has been working at DuFor for over ten years. And it’s obvious that she likes it here, if you hear her talk about her work and the company. And that’s something she could never have imagined beforehand, as she comes from the world of fashion and has a completely different background. So what makes working at DuFor so much fun? Joyce is more than happy to tell you!

After high school, Joyce decided to attend fashion school. But that did not mean she was constantly behind the sewing machine. "I was more attracted to the other side, the world of commerce. I started working as a purchasing assistant at a fashion accessories wholesaler, but that wasn't quite what I was looking for. Unfortunately in this region, the jobs in fashion are not there for the taking. Unless you want to work in a store, but that wasn't challenging enough for me."

"Through a temp agency, I ended up at DuFor as a receptionist. Something completely different, because I had nothing at all to do with plastics. Already during my first interview I had a good click with the former director and with Arjen (van Kempen, managing director, ed.). For me, it wasn’t about the content, it was all about the human side of DuFor. The company, the colleagues and the philosophy appealed to me immediately. What I find most important is that you just have a good time at work."

Together as one team

While Joyce started her career at DuFor as a receptionist, she also saw other opportunities within the company. "I think it’s important to keep exploring and developing myself. Something that’s possible within DuFor. When I just started at this company we did a little bit of everything. We were still in our previous building and had a small staff. That cannot be compared to now. It's fun to witness that development up close. Now the tasks are more defined and there is more structure. While at the same time we really do it together and want to help each other further."


Joyce soon left the front desk as a receptionist; she has now been working as a customer representative for years. A job in which she, together with her team members, is an important link in the customer journey. "Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the first contact with the customer up to invoicing and everything in between. At least, everything except the technical side. We can consult that knowledge with other colleagues.”

“I particularly enjoy making the arrangements. Among other things, I take care of logistics management and everything concerning customs requirements. I also deal a lot with overseas container shipments. From South Korea to India and the US. The majority of our customers are abroad, which means that I am busy with different languages. When everything runs smoothly and the client and DuFor are satisfied, then I am happy. I get my satisfaction mainly from the more complex projects. In addition, I am still growing in my work. It's great that there is that space within DuFor, because I find it important to keep on growing and expanding. "

Collegial and human

Although DuFor continues to grow, according to Joyce there is little change in the mutual cooperation. "The collegial atmosphere is still there. Just like the work-life balance, which is very good here. And everyone is treated equally here, it doesn’t matter what position you have. There is no dictatorship and you can always walk into anyone's office. At DuFor we are a team. Nobody can do it alone and we all realize that."

Personal development

That all sounds very nice, but doesn't Joyce secretly miss the fashion industry? "No, absolutely not. I still find it very fun and challenging here at DuFor. Because we have many recurring contacts, you also build a bond with clients and cooperating parties such as carriers. Had you told me during my fashion training that I would end up in a technical industry, I would not have believed you. But sometimes you have to look further and trust your gut. And it al seems to fit here. At DuFor you get plenty of opportunities for personal development. That's really characteristic of this company. I am still growing in my work. It's nice that there is that space within DuFor, because continuing to develop and deepen is important to me."

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