02-08-2017: Expansion of the testing laboratory
DuFor is constantly investing in its R&D and QC lab facility’s to create innovative polyester products and solutions together with its customers. The expansion of the testing laboratory includes installation of new viscosity and color meters and a quality control database.

Fully automated 
The new color meters are highly accurate and help to ensure that samples fall within specified color tolerances. In addition, the company’s new viscosity meters will detect very small changes in viscosity or melt flow rate of the polyester. These changes in measurement can be used to quickly adapt the parameters in our process. Both meters are fully automated and linked to a new quality control database. This reduces the manual tasks and increases efficiency and quality.

Niels Hoffard , R&D Manager, said, “for our products the viscosity and color measurements are essential properties, these are constantly controlled in our quality process. The investment in the meters and the database underscores our ambition to produce and deliver sustainable, high quality and cost efficient products to the market. We bought the identical viscosity and color meter for our sister company Cumapol in Emmen, so now we have the same quality data that can be directly compared. This reaffirms the vertical integration of our Group. The Cumapol plant is our ‘internal’ trusted partner for producing thermoplastic polyester specialties in line with the various expectations of our customers.”

More accurate testing results
DuFor will now be able to offer more accurate testing results and this will save time in the quality measurement process. With the new equipment, DuFor expects to improve quality and enhance product development and support. Now we can provide our customers with even greater added value.