CumaPET L04 100 for improved recyclability and sealability

European strategy on Plastics requires all plastic packaging in the European market to be fully recyclable ♻ by 2030, which makes design for recycling necessary. Increase the recyclability of your packaging with CumaPET L04 100 instead of a PE top layer.

Design4Recycling: CumaPET L04 100 top layer
DuFor has developed CumaPET L04 100, which drastically improve recyclability and sealability compared to standard PET grades. When re-extruding APET sheet which is coextruded with a CumaPET L04 100 top layer, the end-product will be completely homogeneous with the same clarity as 100% virgin material. CumaPET L04 100 is characterized by lower melting and glass transition temperatures, which widen the processing window for sealing drastically. Further the packaging which is produced with CumaPET L04 100 is fully recyclable, and of course so is the trimming waste which originates during tray production. 

rPET main layer
When rPET is used for the main layer, the IV is often somewhat lower which results in a higher crystallization rate. If the tray will be recycled, with our L04 100 top layer, the crystallization rate, and thus the clarity of the main layer is improved.

There are also more possibilities to increase the recyclability of your packaging with our other CumaPET types. Interested in our CumaPET L04 100 or other specialty grades please contact us! 

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