Here it is: our new twin screw Extruder from KraussMaffei!

To support our customers in various development projects even better, we have expanded our machine park with a brand new, custom-made twin screw KM-Extruder. It’s not only a great asset for our R&D staff, but also for our customers. Read on to find out why.

In our lab, we do developmental work for our customized polyester types on a daily basis. This offers our customers the opportunity to receive the raw materials that exactly meet the requirements for their specific application. From the first moment in a project, we are involved in both product and process development and carry out tests in various areas. This offers an excellent way to achieve a material that leaves nothing to be desired.

Advanced recipes

In this process, our Extruder is indispensable. With the arrival of this new pilot Extruder, the gap between lab and production scale is narrowing, both technologically and in terms of scale. Because now we can use more complex screw configurations, we are able to create even more sophisticated formulations. And even with more difficult materials, we can achieve a better distribution and dispersion of additives.

The new Extruder is designed to make advanced recipes that continue to meet our goal of only putting products on the market that are recyclable. With this new equipment, we have significantly increased capabilities to disperse additives than before. For example, we can now add more and more difficult to dose reactive additives, different types of fibers, fillers, modifiers etc.

That in itself is  reason enough to be proud, but it’s especially nice that we can add even more knowledge and potential to our products. All this in order to offer our customers that advantage or unique product with which they can distinguish themselves in today's challenging market conditions.

The possibilities at a glance

  • More flexibility in producing customized samples
  • Even better small-scale mimicry of what properties look like on a large scale
  • Expanded ability to achieve product requirements on a small scale
  • Expanded ability to test multiple variants before scaling up
  • After recipe development, faster scale-up to large volumes

Are you curious about the possibilities of our new Extruder and how we can use it to customize polyesters for your process and product?

Then contact us for the possibilities.

Who knows, maybe our pilot plant and laboratory will soon be at work for you.

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